Wallets for Waves plateform


What is a Wallet?

A wallet is a software that keep private keys and can sign transactions to broadcast them to a network.

Waves wallets

Waves Platform is an open-source and independent blockchain platform that allows its users to build applications, create and distribute new cryptocurrencies.

The best wallets are :

  • Waves Wallet Android
  • Waves Wallet iOS
  • Waves Wallet Windows
  • Waves Wallet Linux
  • Waves Wallet MacOS

Waves Wallet Android

Waves Wallet Android is a mobile client to WavesPlatform.

Download Waves Wallet for Android

Waves Wallet iOS

The Waves wallet iOS app is a free mobile Waves client and full exchange wallet.

Download Waves Wallet for iPhone

Waves Wallet as a Chrome extension

This Waves wallet can be installed as a Chrome extension, directly in your browser.

Install Waves Wallet as a Chrome extension

Waves Windows

Download Waves Wallet for Windows

Waves MacOS

Download Waves Wallet for MacOS

Waves Linux

Download Waves Wallet for Linux

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